(Semester System)

1. Condition for Admission:

A candidate who has passed the B.L./LL.B. Degree examination of this University or an examination of some other University accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent there to and had secured not less than 45% of the aggregate marks in all three years of the B.L. / LL.B. 3-year course or in all the 5-year of the B.A., B.L./LL.B. 5-year course put together shall be eligible for admission to the LL.M. Degree course in an affiliated law college of the Tamil NaduDr. Ambedkar Law University. At the time of admission, student should handover 5 tampedself-addressed envelope for informing student’s activity to their parents.
2. Course of study and Registration:

A candidate of the LL.M. Degree course shall register themselves with the University or the affiliated law college prior to the commencement of the course in the begining of the academic year after paying the prescribed fee and shall put in a course of study for two academic years (four semesters). The medium of instruction shall be only in English.

3.Semester Pattern:

LL.M. Degree Course shall be of semester pattern consisting of four semesters, each semester consisting of 90 working days. The semester pattern is designed with continuous assessment system. The continuous assessment made for a candidate in a particular semester shall be final. If any candidate fails to complete the continuous assessment, he/she shall be permitted 3 to re-do the same internal assessment on payment of a fee of Rs. 500/- in the ensuing semester.


LL.M. Degree Students earning 75% or more attendance are eligible to write the University semester examinations. No condonation for lack of attendance for P.G. students is allowedand the students who have secured less than 75% of attendance have to ‘redo’ the entire semester in which (s)he lacked attendance by obtaining prior permission for readmission from the appropriate authority and on the payment of prescribed fee to the University. The marks awarded for attendance is as follows:

1 75% 2.5
2 76-80% 3
3 81-85% 3.5
4 86-90% 4
5 91-95% 4.5
6 96-100% 5

5.Break in Study:

In case of break in study, a student is permitted to re-join the course within five academic years or rules framed by the University from the academic year in which there was a break in study, only after obtaining prior permission from the Director of Legal Studies, Chennai and upon the payment of prescribed fee for the specific academic year. On failure of which, hey will forfeit their right of readmission in any of the affiliated law colleges of the University. However, if a student wants to appear after expiry of the stipulated five years from the date of joining of the LL.M. degree course, (s)he will have to pay a sum of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only), in addition to the fees prescribed for the examinations, for eachsitting/appearance after getting prior permission from the appropriate authority.

6. Passing Minimum:

(a) The passing minimum shall be 50% in each paper and 50% in dissertation.

(b) A Candidate has to secure minimum of 20 marks out of maximum 40 marks in the internal assessment for each subject

(c) A Candidate has to secure minimum of 30 marks out of maximum 60 marks in the written examination for each subject.

(d) If a student lacks in an attendance, he or she will not be permitted for attending the internals.

(e) A Student who has failed to attend the internal component(s) of any subject in the even/odd semester shall be permitted to attend in the subsequent even /odd semester on

payment of penalty fixed by the University.

(f) The passing minimum for Dissertation is 75 marks for report submission and 25 marks for Viva Voce.