1. The students will not be admitted in the examination hall without the hall ticket.
  2. The students will be provided with single answer booklet for writing their exam and no other additional sheets will be provided.
  3. The answers must be legibly written in blue or black ink only.
  4. Answers should not be written in two different inks.
  5. Special sketch pens or other pens should not be used for underlining points.
  6. The students should not attempt to make any identification in the answer booklet. Marking the question numbers with special design, say circle, triangle or star markings etc., are strictly prohibited.
  7. The student should write the correct register number, subject code and subject name in the space provided in the first page of the main answer book.
  8. The students shall not write the register number in any part of the main answer booklet except in the space provided in the first page of the main answer book.
  9. The students shall not take the things other than the hall ticket, pencil, eraser and scale inside the examination hall.
  10. The students should enter into the examination hall from   9:55 to 10:00 am/ 1:55 to 2:00 pm.
  11. The students who are entering late into the examination hall shall have to get prior permission from the proper authority.
  12. The students should not loiter outside the examination hall or within the college campus after 10:00 am/2:00 pm.
  13. No student will be allowed to enter the examination hall after 30 minutes from the commencement of the examination.
  14. Electronic gadgets like cellular phone or other instruments for communication will not be permitted inside the examination hall.
  15. No student shall be allowed to get any things from other students in the examination hall.
  16. The students should maintain silence and discipline inside and outside the examination hall.
  17. No students will be allowed to leave the examination hall within the first 30 minutes of the duration of examination time.
  18. After 30 minutes, they can leave the examination hall after handing over the answer booklet to the hall superintendent.
  19. The students should follow the instructions printed in their hall tickets.
  20. Mere possession of incriminating materials amounts to malpractice eventhough the text of the incrimination has not been copied in the answer booklet.
  21. The students who are found guilty of malpractice shall be criminally prosecuted besides the disciplinary proceedings initiated by the university.
  22. No student shall have any incriminating material or any writing in the hall ticket or any part of the body etc., and if found will be booked under malpractice.
  23. The students shall avail the last page of the answer booklet for their rough usage while writing their examination.
  24. No students shall misbehave inside the examination hall for whatsoever reasons, which amounts to breach of peace and tranquillity during examinations and any violations in this regard will be viewed seriously.
  25. No student shall not loiter in the college campus after leaving the examination hall.
  26. The students appearing for the first time for their current semester shall compulsorily pay the fees for all the subjects in their respective semester.
  27. Visually challenged students are exempted from payment of examination fee. They should enclose the copy of medical certificate for evidence. However, they should pay the fees for statement of marks, provisional, consolidated statement of marks and convocation.
  28. Students with lack of attendance is recommended and forwarded for condonation on the payment of the prescribed fee of Rs. 1000/- and for the delayed payment, additional penalty of Rs. 200/- has to be paid by the students.
  29. The students those who have failed to attend their clinical course or any of its components and internal components of any of the subjects can attend after paying the penalty fee of Rs. 200/- per paper to the University in the respective odd / even semesters.
  30. For any payments related to the University examination, the students shall pay as per university rules in the website and shall handover the payment receipt copy to the college.
  31. No payments made to the University, related to examination shall be refunded.